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Pidgin scripts from Aardwolf: AwayNotify This script simply shows the name of the person who last left the conversation, in the title. It was borrowed from the Buddy State Notification plugin that comes with Pidgin. AwayNotify Description: Pidgin scripts from Aardwolf: AwayNotify Screenshots: What I like: Easily changes the buddy's away status to the person who posted it Changes the title of the windows Works if the buddy is offline (confirmed) Works if the buddy is online, but is not replying to you (confirmed) This is the script that will let you know when a certain IRC bot is away. It will popup the buddy status message window every time the bot leaves the channel. How it works: Call the function: A_Notify_Status() It returns TRUE if the buddy wasn't away before. It returns FALSE if he was away (been away for more than 1 minute) It returns TRUE if he is away for less than 1 minute. It returns FALSE if he isn't away. #!/usr/bin/python # # Name: UUID_awayNotify_Active # # Description: activates the UUID_awayNotify_Active script. # # This script is useful if you want to show where the buddy is away # from a script (eg Pidgin or any other application). # # Example: #Script Type: User Script (Optional) # # Extension: # /home/uudeus/ # # Author: Thomas Feierl # # Require: UUID_awayNotify # # Import: # none # # UUID_awayNotify is the script from Sys Admin Tools. # # Version: 0.2 # # Changelog: # Version 0.2: # Added support for UUID_awayNotify What I like: Has various colors to display the buddy's status (see screenshots) Can specify the time out limit, before it stops trying to check for the away status. Works with chats set to no away on or no status on (confirmed) Works with chats set to status away and status on ( a5204a7ec7

Is Pidgin away software? Can I automate away messages? How can I allow buddies to be automatically away? How to setup AwayNotify in Pidgin? Is AwayNotify Pidgin onetime event or on-going? How does AwayNotify work? How do I remove AwayNotify from Pidgin? How to make AwayNotify work when Pidgin is set to disable away messages? And much more...Read the documentation... If you like this program, please vote here and here. User-contributed software adds a lot to any OS. We need to encourage its development by rating it! Right now only the authors and maintainers can see the rating. So, if you like and use any of these programs, please click on the "vote" button on the items' page. By doing so you will help the authors (and anyone running the program) to improve their software. Thank you! I was having this same issue, I was starting Pidgin as a daemon and it kept asking for root password even though I was using sudo. The reason for this is that it was saving all the accounts that it generated in the system. Here is the fix for it. Click to expand... This is pretty irritating. I know they fixed this in the 3.0.4 release as it seems that accounts saved in the system is one of the issues. But the final fix is to use: Click to expand... /usr/libexec/Pidgin/pidgin-debug-mask & to start pidgin if you need to: Click to expand... I actually ran into this and I was thinking that this would probably fixed it, but it didn't. However, I did notice that the pidgin-debug-mask command did throw this error, and if I put a pidgin-debug-mask in quotes it did seem to fix it: I've recently started experiencing issues with Pidgin on my machine. I have Pidgin 2.10.4, Gnome 2.24.2, and I use an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400 (2.4 GHz, same kind of machine as the two previous suggestions here, except mine has 8 GB of RAM). If I use one or two accounts with no space or theme options set, pidgin works perfectly.

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