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The Feast of the Pascal Lamb (2021 Video)

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The officers of Francis Marion Highley Chapter, Knights of Rose Croix of Heredom, are proud to present the 2021 Feast of the Paschal Lamb. This annual event serves to commemorate those Knights that have passed away in the preceding year. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, no Feast was held in 2020. While we would have loved to have had an in-person event this year, prudence won-out. Instead, we were able to record the Feast (as it is a public ceremony) and share it with you in this virtual capacity.

Special recognition goes to Bro. L. Kenneth Bray, 32°, for his skills in shooting and editing the Feast. Additionally, we thank Illus. Bro. Lawrence S. Bortz, 33°, and the staging department for their assistance. Also, our appreciation goes out to Illus. Bro. Harry E. Hackman, Jr., 33°, Commander-in-Chief and the officers of the Consistory for their support.

On with the show!

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