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Sovereign Prince's October Message

Greetings Brethren from Council of Princes of Jerusalem,

With all that has happened since the unfortunate fire at the Valley in August, it’s been difficult

to pin down from week to week where we stand as it pertains to Holiday Happenings. Unfortunately, at

this late time. Holiday Happenings, will again be cancelled as we know it. The Valley and its membership

are currently restricted from the use of the building and do not have a concrete schedule as to when

that will take place. There are many factors and avenues that way into these decisions, most of which

are beyond our control. The displays that are the crux of Holiday Happenings are difficult to handle and

unable to be transferred to other areas within the building. Safety without the use of the fire alarm

system has been another issue that has been a struggle to deal with. Supplies, workforce issues, and the

need to assess upgrades to the building have all weighed in on getting the building back up and running

smoothly again. Those that have the task of rebuilding the Cathedral have spent volumes of hours to get

us where we are and continue to move the process forward. Our support and gratitude should be

humbly given as they push onward with their daily tasks.

In the meantime, the Prince of Jerusalem line will stay focused on our need for readiness when

Holiday Happenings will once again be a regular and routine activity at the Valley. We will also explore

other venues and possible events once the building is back in use. Until that time, please do what you

can to support the efforts of the builders and give thought as to how to best serve in this difficult time.

Please reach out to those in need this holiday season, especially our Brethren. Give of your time and

generosity as we strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members.


Barry S. Millard

Sovereign Prince

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