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Patents! Patents! Get Yer Patents!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Hello Brothers, Greetings from the home office at the Valley of Reading. As I'm learning my way around the office I'm doing some housekeeping and I've come across a stash of patent (suitable for framing!) . When you received your 32° your name was submitted to Supreme in Lexington and at some point (never specific) they send packet of patents to the Valley. The idea is for us to pick them up when visiting the Valley at a future reunion. So far I've found patents from 2004-2019, but if you think I may have one drop me an email and I'll search for it. If located, I'll have it available at the desk at the AASR Valley of Reading office.


Bro. Pete Ruggieri 32° - Assistant Secretary (Valley email coming soon)

Next housekeeping.... I have some nice 50yr plates if you are a 50 yr member of the Valley and seeing this!

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