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Feast of the Paschal Lamb 2022

This year the feast is presented by Illustrious Bro. Robert A. Trimble 33’, Most Wise Master of the Francis Marion Highley Chapter of Knights of Rose Croix and his officers.

The approach of spring generates great excitement and anticipation every year. The land thaws, trees bud, and the chatter of birds resume as we emerge from our winter hibernation. It is fitting then that this invigorating time of year also marks one of Freemasonry’s most inspiring performances, the Feast of the Paschal Lamb. Often called the Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal or the Mystic Banquet, this special day is an invitation to our Scottish Rite brethren of the Rose Croix to break bread together in tribute of our fraternal ties to one another and gather for a solemn commemoration our brethren who have passed to the Celestial Lodge.

Special thanks to Bro. Kenneth Bray 32’ for the filming and production of this video.

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