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Meritorious Service Award Recipients

The Meritorious Service Award is recognition of distinguished service of a Masonic character granted to those members of the Rite who have given years of active, capable and faithful service to their Valleys. It is authorized by the Supreme Council and given upon the recommendation of the presiding officers of the subordinate bodies to the Council of Deliberation. it is the highest honor that a Council of Deliberation is authorized to confer.


MSA Members

Member Name - Date of MSA

Emanuel Iglesias 7/1/1966
Norman A Fox 9/29/1976
Charles J Breiner 6/29/1990
Robert J Smilk 6/29/1990
Uwe N Petersen 6/20/1992
James A Matz 7/24/1993
Robert W McClatchie Jr. 7/9/1994
Robert A Swoyer 7/8/1995
Guy W Petery 7/13/1997
J Gary Grazier 7/11/1998
Chester W Brown 7/24/1999
William J Lausch 7/10/2000
Robert W Gilbert 7/10/2004
Willis M Hackman 7/10/2004
Christopher H Tecklenburg 7/10/2004
Ronald J Kauffman 7/8/2006
Kenneth L Riegel 7/14/2007
James F Moyer 7/12/2008
Chester R Pierce Sr. 7/12/2008
Donald L Baker7/11/2009
Donald G Laumeister 7/11/2009
Jay B Coleman 7/10/2010
Robert K Bricker 8/9/2011
Ralph D Gutshall Jr .8/9/2011
Lawrence S Bortz III 7/14/2012
David J Dickson 7/14/2012
L Donald Loos Jr. 7/14/2012
Robert Chambers 7/13/2013
William A Quinn 7/13/2013
Raymond W Gottschall III 7/12/2014
Paul A Swank Jr. 7/12/2014
William L Loos 7/11/2015
Raymond L. Kunkel, Jr 7/9/2016
R. Bruce McLean 7/9/2016
Walter E. Fizz 7/8/2017
Norman F. Lengel 7/8/2017
Gerald E. Dotterer 7/14/2018
Frederick K. Hatt 7/14/2018
Gerald A. Mengel 7/13/2019
Thomas E. Kisling 7/13/2019

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