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Reading Lodge of Perfection


The degrees of the Lodge of Perfection are better known as the "Ineffable Degrees" of Scottish Rite Masonry because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable (unspeakable) name of Deity.

2024 Lodge of Perfection Officers

Anthony C. DiGirolomo

Thrice Potent Master

Michael Yacovelli

Deputy Master

Richard W. Storms

Senior Warden

Stephen E. Inzer

 Junior Warden

Raymond L. Kunkel Jr., MSA

Treasurer of all Four Bodies

Herbert K. Swisher, 33°

Secretary of all Four Bodies

Allen D. Moyer, 33°

Hospitaler of all Four Bodies

Daniel P. Whalen


Brian M. Ewing

Master of Ceremonies

Ronald G. Hoopes

Captain of the Guard

Jeffrey C. Rhein

Tyler for all Four Bodies

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