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33° - Sovereign Grand Inspectors General

Honorary Members

The 33° degree is conferred upon those 32° members who have been outstanding in their contributions to Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, or who have shown in their communities the leadership which marks them as men who exemplify in their daily lives the true meaning of the Brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God. It cannot be sought by application but must be such a man as described above who has been elected by the Deputy of his State. He must be 33 years of age. And be elected at an Annual Meeting of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council to be a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Thirty-Third and last Degree, and Honorary Member of the Supreme Council. Such election shall be by unanimous vote of the Active Members present taken by ballot. The degree is conferred at the Annual Meeting of the Supreme Council next succeeding the election of the Candidate.


Honorary Members

Date of 33 - Member Name

9/27/1972 Emanuel Iglesias
9/26/1979 P Thomas Feeser
9/24/1980 Norman A Fox
9/29/1982 Robert W Fries
9/25/1985 Paul D Fisher
9/24/1991 James L Boyer
9/24/1991 Marvin G Speicher
9/29/1992 Edward O Weisser
8/31/1993 G Carson Freeman
9/27/1994 Irvin D Herring
8/27/1996 Russell W Baker
8/27/1996 Larry A Buzzard
9/23/1997 Louis A Fiorini
9/28/1999 Noah W Wenger
9/26/2000 L Donald Loos Jr.
9/26/2000 Jeffrey K Sprecher
9/25/2001 J Richard Eby
9/25/2001 Thomas C Keen
9/25/2001 Clarence W Martin
9/3/2002 Harry Bertoti
9/23/2003 Mark A Haines
9/23/2003 Herbert K Swisher
9/21/2004 Jon J DeHart
9/21/2004 Victor M Frederick III
8/30/2005 Harriss A Butler III
8/30/2005 Conrad L Heimbach
8/30/2005 Edward J Stumm
8/30/2005 Christopher H Tecklenburg
8/29/2006 Eric L Brandt
8/29/2006 Kerry J Cashman
8/29/2006 Willis M Hackman
8/29/2006 Irvin C Henry Jr.
8/29/2006 Arthur D Morey
8/27/2007 Ray E Feick
8/27/2007 Irwin A Kohler
8/27/2007 William J Oehme
8/26/2008 Allen D Moyer
8/26/2008 Raymond Thompson Jr.
8/25/2009 Robert S Conway
8/25/2009 William H Tennant Jr.
8/31/2010 Guy R Bieber
8/31/2010 Michael A Black
8/31/2010 William P Ulrich
8/30/2011 Kevin S Barnhardt
8/30/2011 James R Shaw
8/28/2012 Harry E Hackman Jr.
8/28/2012 John R Nester
8/28/2012 John J Tumolo III
8/20/2013 Robert C Engleman
8/20/2013 Robert J Hoyes
9/1/2015 Thomas Gamon IV
9/1/2015 Christopher M Gibson
9/1/2015 Raymond W Gottschall III
9/1/2015 Michael J McDade
8/29/2017 Ronald J Dalius
8/29/2017 Craig W Shaffer
8/29/2017 David G Wells
8/27/2019 Arthur K Armstrong
8/27/2019 Lawrence S Bortz III
8/27/2019 Michael J Huck
8/27/2019 Jeffrey S Moyer
8/27/2019 Robert F Trimble
8/27/2019 Michael D Wolfe

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