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Fall Reunion

2009 Fall Reunion
Seated (l-r) are Presiding Officers of the Valley of Reading Bradley L. Auker, Most Wise Master; Kevin S. Barnhardt, Thrice Potent Master; Paul A. Swank, Sovereign Prince; Ill. Russell W. Baker, 33║, Active Member For Pennsylvania; Ill. Victor M. Frederick, III, 33║, DSM, Commander-in-Chief; and Officers of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Ill. Mark A. Haines, 33║, R. W. Grand Secretary, Ill. Edward O. Weisser, 33║, R. W. Past Grand Master; and Ill. Marvin G. Speicher, 33║, R.W. Past Grand Treasurer.

Standing front: Ill. Louis A. Fiorini, 33║, Chairman of Class Marshals and Class Members Miguel Angel Gonzales; Francis Thomas Gill, Jr.; Glen A. Houck; Gary Allen Gougler; Frank Wesley Ike; John C. McDonough; Jan Renard Murphy; and Ill. James L. Boyer, 33║. Class Marshal

Standing rear: Class members Antonio M. Salonga; Dwayne Glen Miller; Francis John Jroski, Jr.; Jack Ayoub; William Calvin Henley, III; Kevin James Matthews; and Richard A. Imgrund, Class Marshal.

Fun & Fellowship after the Fall Reunion

After the Fall Reunion, the members, their wives, and guests enjoyed a German themed afternoon featuring favorite German foods and folk dancing by the GTV Edelweiss dance group. 



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