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Officers 2015-2016
President - William J. Guisseppe
First Vice President - Theodore H. Wallace
Second Vice President - Anthony C. Romero
Secretary - Bernardo DeLellis, Jr.
Treasurer - Gerald C. Swisher, Jr.
2015 John T. Gay, Jr. Annual Sports Banquet Flier

From Left to Right: Paul A. Swank, Jr., Director; J. Allen Reynolds, Director;
William H. Tennant 33°, Director: Arthur K. Armstrong, Treas.; Craig W. Shaffer, Director;
Robert Milliken, 2nd V.P.; David W. Jansen, Sec.; William J. Guisseppe, 1st V.P.;
Bernardo DeLellis, Jr., – President



Bill Clement, former Broad Street Bully, was the guest speaker at this year’s
John T. Gay, Jr. Memorial Sports Banquet on Thursday, June 21, 2012.
Bill played with the Philadelphia Flyers when they won the NHL’s Stanley Cup.
He is now a motivational speaker.
The event was hosted by the Chester County Club of the Valley of Reading. 
The Club presented a donation and a $1,500 dollar donor check to the
Children’s Home Scholarship Fund at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown.
They also presented a $2,000 donation to the Children’s Dyslexia Center in Reading.
Joining Bill in the photo is William H. Tennant, Jr., 33°,
First Lieutenant Commander of Reading Consistory.
2015 John T. Gay, Jr. Annual Sports Banquet Flier



Photos of 2010 Sports Banquet


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